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Shop the largest selection of Mohawk carpet. This name brand manufacturer is one of the best known manufacturers not only in this Country but, Worldwide.

Purchasing any Mohawk floor product means receiving top quality at an affordable price. Very durable and perfect for most floor surfaces in the home or business.

When price matters consider Brandi where inexpensive still means top quality. We carry all major brand name manufacturers which allows us to purchase what you want for an affordable price. Since 1971, our Carpet Store has served the Phoenix Glendale Metro Area providing high quality floor coverings at truly discount costs.

Mohawk Carpet Dealer

You’ve come to the point in your life when it’s time to purchase new carpeting for your home or office but, the choices of where to go and who to buy from becomes somewhat of a problem. Searching for a Mohawk carpet dealer that you can trust, even in today’s online age of buyer beware and client reviews can prove to be a minefield that many don’t desire to walk through.

Enter the query: Carpet Stores Phoenix AZ, or Discount Carpet Stores Phoenix, in a search engine and you’ll soon discover dozens and dozens of stores that all seem pretty good and fairly comparable. Listed below are some reasonable thoughts to consider before you decide where to buy your new carpeting.

Experience. How long has any particular business been in operation?

  • Brandi Carpet and Flooring has been in continual operation both selling and installing all types of floor coverings in the greater Phoenix AZ area for over 45 years. We provide sales and installation for both residential and commercial needs. We have had quite a great relationship with customers who first had us install carpet in either their residence or business and then used our services for, again the business or home. I believe that we are the longest running Family Owned And Operated Independent Flooring dealer in Arizona. Also since we have years of experience we will offer your expert advice on what types of floor covering(s) are more suitable for which areas of your home or business.

Selection. What choices do they offer?

  • We are an Independent Family Owned Flooring Company we offer all High Quality Name Brand Floor Coverings. Many other flooring stores may offer you a specific manufacturer that they consider to be the best brand but, we provide you with a choice of all the major manufacturers. You have the opportunity to choose the samples that you take home ( or we will bring them to you at no charge ) so that you can match these to your decor and determine what product is best for your home or office. And since we carry products from All Name Brand Manufacturers your choice Will be what best fits your needs.

Availability. What are their hours, and where are they located?

  • We make our schedule fit your needs. We have a Mobile Showroom that will bring you more samples than you thought possible. And we can provide a firm cost on the spot. And we will put that cost in writing.

Cost Factors

  • Carpet Costs can and do fluctuate from store to store. Since 1971, we have served the Phoenix Glendale Metro Area providing high quality floor coverings at truly discount costs. Often customers believe in order to save money they must choose a floor covering of less than Name Brand Quality. Then they turn to some Outlet Flooring Company where they may see roll after roll of knock off less than name brand materials that have sat in some warehouse for who knows how long. Actually you don’t have to sacrifice and pick something that’s almost as good just because you happen to be on a budget. We sell and install discount carpet from Shaw, Bliss, and Dream Weaver all at very affordable prices. Each floor covering comes with the Manufacturers guarantee. And we use our own installers. This last point is more important that many people understand.

Mohawk Carpet Installation

Unless you have rooms that are less than 12 feet in width your flooring will need to have a seam. (This is where two rolls are joined together) When done correctly even with close inspection this area is virtually undetectable. If this is not done properly you may wish that you’d kept your older floor covering in place. Materials need to be stretched uniformly to prevent buckling, wrinkles, and undue wear. Actually the list goes on. The point is that you require a company that installs the product sold with their own employees.

If you purchase discount carpet Phoenix from say a ‘Big Box Store’ they all use 3rd party installers, or they have hired employees that have worked for them a short time. Just call them and ask. (Our lead installer has been with the Company for over 25 years.) If anything should go wrong with laying down your flooring you’ll be stuck having to deal with the 3rd party, Not the Company that you made your purchase from.

That is not a scare tactic. Just a FACT. When you purchase from us you’ll be certain that we install all the products we sell. After the job is done we then run an inspection to insure everything looks great. The inspection is Always done by the owner of the Company. That would be me, my name is Chris Brown. My Father, Mr Charles Brown began our Shop in Phoenix in 1971. I have learned my craft from the best in the business.

Discount Carpet

Whatever your flooring needs are give us a call and we will provide you a free estimate. Our Company will even come to your residence or place of business and bring you all the selections of flooring that you’re interested in. We do an accurate measurement, you select what you’d like, and you’ll be provided with a firm cost to you with no hidden charges and no up-sell. To help you better understand your options concerning the various types of carpet our top level navigation page will give you further details. Need more information? Then please give us a call. And when you call more than likely I’m the person you will first speak to and I’m Always your primary contact! Thank you.